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Kilyle: Is there a reason Doomed Hometown isn't on this page? Am I just recalling it wrong?

Also, I think some note would be useful as to the author's decision to drop his job and take up drawing the comic full-time (should we have a trope about actually making money for free webcomics?).

Darekun: "Dellyn Goblinslayer, known by the town as Captain of the Town Guard who is nonetheless confirmed as having an evil alignment." The impression I got is that good and evil are relative; frex how Kore and Ears both remain paladins, they'd probably detect each other as evil.

Shapeshifter The Troper: Does the second to last panel count as a Shout-Out to the Mutant Enemy Productions Vanity Plate?

Goblins, extremely gory? Was the person who wrote that 10?
  • Shapeshifter The Troper: It is bloody. Not extremely so, but I think that a comic that includes blood reacting normally to an ear being cut off, an eye being slashed, a leg being speared, etc, could very reasonably be called very, if not extremely, gory.

Fighteer: I cut a lot of the natter and This Troper stuff, as it shouldn't go on the main page — we have Discussion pages, Troper Tales, and the like for that sort of thing. Further, I cut out some of the more egregious Take Thats in the name of the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement. For example, there's absolutely no valid reason to have Dethroning Moment of Suck in a main article no matter how much you dislike the event in question.