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Could someone with more understanding of the topic add some links to the best representative examples?

Rissa: I've never heard of this trope before, but could Colbert's explicit challenge to his viewers to take an uploaded interview and make something dirty out of it (deliberately providing innocent-but-easily-perverted phrases) be... something to do with this?

Air Of Mystery: The idea of mixing together phonemes to make people say things they never actually said has probably been around since sound-editing software existed; Youtube Poop is just a manifestation of the idea, with stuttering.

Georgie!: Gee, I wonder how many examples of this trope there could be out there on the Internet...

Midna: Someone remind me to get videos of "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and "Be Prepared", then pull the "Villain Song" fad (syncing the latter up to the former).

Omega Blade: Methinks the page is becoming a little cluttered with unnecessary examples of videos, fads, and especially sources. I'd clean it up myself, but I'm not so deep into the YouTube Poop scene that I know what's still popular and what's dying out. For all I know, people could still be making Ed, Edd, & Eddy poops and I'd have no idea about it.

Humouroususername: I made an attempt at clearing things up a bit.

Sharm Hedgehog: I've seen almost all of these in poops except for Disgaea, Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts, and I am a pooper. I wouldn't call those "frequently-used sources" (and they don't have articles on Chewiki). Also, most YT Pers hate using memes and censor beeps because they're tired out and predictable (not to mention that now that sentence mixing is popular, censor beeps are considered lazy).
Sharm Hedgehog: Personally, I think someone should add to the discussion page everytime he wants to add a new source or poop video. Really, most of those sources are used in obscure poops, and sometimes only even once, and this is not a section to post your favourite poop videos. We need ones that have impacted Youtube Poop history. Blech, that sounded wrong. Anyway, you know what I mean.
Humouroususername: Why does there need to be a huge list of fads?

Sharm Hedgehog: I deleted all the lists, many of which were becoming insanely obscure, but somebody added them back in