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Ethereal Mutation: Pulled the Kingdom Hearts "example" because it doesn't explain anything. Also, if anything, the real "wallbangers" (if they're even really jarring enough to count in a game series that admittedly makes stuff up as it goes along) would be that Kingdom Hearts II nullifies the grand plan of the first game with all of two sentences and seems to arbitrarily decide that "Ansem" was really a disciple that took his master's name in some vague pseudo-Xanatos Gambit to discredit him.

Charred Knight: Deleted for being a Wall Banger, as someone already mentioned you reslly want the cast to be a bunch of racists retards who can't work together.

Does it take into account Lore? Yes, the Nightelves first stopped the Burning Legion using a an army made up of different species including Tauren. So Malfurion is not against it. Thrall has always shown humans kindness, this is due to basically being the adopted brother of Taretha, and having been shown kindness from both Taretha, and Captain. So that's two down. Finally we have Jaina Proudmoore, who having found out that Medivh was right gets screamed at for calling Medivh mad when Medivh told her the alliance and Horde must work together.

The Lore fits fine, your only problem is that your still stuck in the past and want a return to Warcraft II, where the Orcs where stereotypical Always Chaotic Evil, and the Alliance where the stereotypical Knights In Shining Armor. Hell the Lore fits better when their not fighting, why the hell would the Alliance, and Horde who succesfully fought off the Burning Legion, not want to fight off Arthas together. The Horde, and Alliance Arthas a lot more than they each other. Arthas destroyed Lordaeron, Dalaran, and Quel'thalas (even now they only half rebuilt the city). The Forsaken him because he was the one that killed them in the first place, and gave them an existance they . Before playing World of Warcraft, you may want to play Warcraft III first.

  • Anytime the Horde and Alliance work together in Warcraft is a Wallbanger. Seriously, did Blizzard think the name of the game is Peacecraft? Each time it happens, it's hopelessly forced and doesn't take into account the Lore at all.
    • More of a Wallbanger than both sides continuing to fight each other instead of calling a temporary truce to devote all their forces to saving the world?

Danel: If half of these really made the tropers who added them bang their heads against a wall, I can't help but think they need therapy. Not so much Wall Bangers as Mild Annoyances, really - a lot of it is more like Fridge Logic.

Danel: Pulled and put here:

  • Malygos, the dragon aspect of magic, went absolutely insane when his kin were killed by demons ten thousand years ago. In World of Warcraft, he comes to his senses, and the first thing he decides to do is kill all magic-users in the world to make sure the Burning Legion won't invade anymore. Despite the fact that the mortal races already handed the Legion's ass to them twice in the first expansion set and magic-users being vital to the battle against all world-threatening evils, such as the Scourge, which lives in Malygos' neighbourhood and uses demon magic all the time. Fans were sure as hell that Malygos was being manipulated by some evil force, but seems Blizzard considers this good character development. It's not.
    • Oh, and just because I forgot to mention it: Back before he went insane in the first place, he let the Highbourne Elves use just as much magic as they wanted, so one can't say it's his normal sane behavior to hunt magi to the .

Since it doesn't need to be both here and on Character Derailment. Also, you can edit your comments to add things you forgot, rather than pulling a And Another Thing...! But here, as there, you seem to be totally overlooking the fact that he allowed the Highborne to use magic right up until everything went completely to hell as a pretty much direct consequence.

Removed from main page:

  • Phoenix Downs cure KO, not . When a party member goes down, he's been KO'ed. Phoenix Downs cure this. =/= KO. This has been the same for every Final Fantasy game, ever. Sorry for this, but DUH.
  • Which explains why spells that summon the grim reaper (usually named "Doom" or % ") can be reversed by Phoenix Downs as well. And we all know that the phoenix is a mythical being fabled for its ability to fall asleep and then wake back up, hence the name.

The second (sarcastic) statement was removed by someone else, so I removed the first. If I can't respond to the obvious inaccuracy sarcastically might as well just delete it. I don't think anyone can say "any final fantasy ever" used Never Say Die with a straight face unless VII is the first one they ever played.

I have my doubts about the mention of The Last Remnant. Sure, opportunities to heal are random, and appear to depend on whether or not a given squad is engaged in battle with an enemy squad. However, you are allowed to save anywhere, and any time. You can save before every battle, so is it really such a big deal that you can't always heal?
Ray Ayanami: by wall combined with the Silver Surfer's huge hitbox is understandable, but why do you have to be so surprised about getting killed by a wall in a scrolling shooter? This is standard shmup behavior; no one that I know of thinks that dying by crashing into a wall in Gradius, R-Type, Thunder Force, Darius, and other such shmups is . If anything, I'm more surprised by games that don't damage you when you hit a wall, such as Space Megaforce or R-Type Final.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Good point. The problem here isn't simply that the character dies when being hit by a wall in a scrolling shooter: that is, as you noted, par for the course. The problem is that the game's creators have chosen to license a character that, in his original media, is Nigh Invulnerable as the character you control in the scrolling shooter. If he dies when he hits walls, then he's Out of Character; if he doesn't, then the game is too easy. There's no correct way to do it!
"Eiher you're bitching, or you're trolling."

Ray Ayanami: Bitching, maybe. Many of the Wall Bangers are bitching anyway. Why don't you nuke all of the Wall Banger pages while you're at it?

And trolling? Are you ing serious? I wasn't trolling on purpose; explain to me how I'm possibly a troll. Me complaining about the D-pad is not trolling; it's a legitimate complaint; ask anyone who's tried to play fighters scrolling shooters, or other games that use 4- or 8-way movement on the D-pad.

Occono: Why is my Pokemon example not a Wall Banger? It's incredibly unbelievable that a cemetery for thousands of loved pets would be converted into a Radio Tower in three years. Why the cut?

Pk Mario: No, it's not incredibly unbelievable.

  • First, the radio tower was a haunted building full of ghost Pokemon and possesed channelers, it was a great step up for Lavender city to remodel it and make it an actually useful place.
  • Second, IIRC they opened another place next to the tower where there were people mourning their actual Pokemon, so it's not like they just forgot about that.
  • Third, it has been years since G/S came out and nobody had ever complained about that, so like hell it's a Wall Banger just because some dumb Fridge Logic hit you over 2 generations later.
And finally, there are a lot more Pokemon Wall bangers listed in there, but you completely missed them and put your example out of order at the very end.

Occono: The other Pokemon examples were about the spinoff games so I figured the real games needed their own section. The building may have been haunted but I remember it being a grave. If I was wrong, sorry. And people DID complain about it back when, I remember seeing it complained about, maybe not that much.

No Zelda entries? Admittedly most of what I could think of are minor complaints, but Wind Waker's ending can be summed up as "Why did I do all that again? (if you were just going to do that)"

Unknown Troper: You know, there is an "edit" button on the article for those actually inclined to put stuff down. Just saying.
The Tambourine Man: Removed the Persona 3 example. Okay, it's hard, and you want to vent, but that really doesn't fit here. Take that to the fake difficulty page.
Cambdoranononononono: Cut most of the Tower of Salvation stuff for Tales of Symphonia. The bits about Genis and the party's rescue have reasonable explanations provided in the Justifying Edits people made, and the two subpoints about Lloyd's Pocket Protector are both pretty standard uses of preexisting tropes. (Pocket Protector and Gameplay and Story Segregation.)

I'm also pulling the Pokemon bit, since the complaints are all too generic to really be applied to any one game. The Arbitrary Headcount Limit is an old trope and can be explained as a game rule rather than a physical limit. The technology might not be realistic, but a complaint like that is going to extend to pretty much all speculative fiction. The strange limits on items aren't really anything new to an RPG.