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Ununnilium: IMHO, this doesn't belong in Wild Mass Guessing; it's not an in-universe theory.

Later: Thus, taking it out:
  • J.J.R. Tolkien promotes white supremacy. The good guys are Gondor-men (white), men of Rohan (white), dwarves (white), hobbits (white), and elves (even whiter). Meanwhile, the bad guys are easterlings (Asian), Haradrim (Arabian and black) and orcs (often shown as black). Also, Tolkien was born in South Africa, the country of apartheid.

Roland: Ok, this one's especially weird...but there's -no- evidence of a nuclear weapon being used in Helm's Deep. Blast was a bit small for that. :-P

Drow Lord: Agreed. Even if the Mordor blast was a nuclear meltdown (and the two hobbits survived via Discworld's theory of narrative causality), a nuclear bomb would likely have vaporized a large portion of the wall, crumpled the rest, and killed everything within a mile or so from heat and way past that from the shockwave...

  • Considering that Tolkien never actually mentioned in the books that Elves have pointed ears, this is arguabley true.

He said they had "leaf-shaped" ears. And honestly, I don't see how that would add evidence anyway.

  • Tom Bombadil is a Time Lord.
    • What? Somebody had to do it.

It's less funny the hundredth time.

Stm177: It gets funnier again after the 200th time.

Sauron is a troper.
He can only copy and corrupt what other people have created. Take That! Tv Tropes!

Ahahaha no.

Not Just Gandalf!
All the Wizards are Time Lords, and not just any Time Lords, Gandalf and Saruman are the Doctor and the Master, respectively, from before the Time War, and the others are other Time Lords. I have evidence:
  • ITEM 1: They arrived long ago, from mysterious origins.
  • ITEM 2: They wield great power, Through mysterious Artifacts (Couldn't a Staff just be a Sonic Jackhammer, or similar?)
  • ITEM 3: They're Immortal, or very long lived.
  • ITEM 4:Gandalf has a transport that trasncends physical laws, going faster than it should be able to, with little or no energy input, "Shadowfax" indeed... More like TARDIS!
  • ITEM 4:Gandalf and Saruman's personalites match those of The Doctor and The Master perfectly. Gandalf is a Traveller that seeks knowledge and helps to world to save itself. Saruman is a Power Hungry Genius in a constant vendetta against his rival/contemporary.
  • ITEM 5(In caps for extra emphasis): GANDALF REGENERATED! He died, saw a bright light, and came back in an altered form (Not very altered, admittedly but altered nonetheless)

Tell me I'm wrong. You can't, can you?

For the same reason, cutting this one.

Gandalf is a Time Lord
It had to be said.
Copied and pasted contents from "Lord of the Rings" page

To the "Entwives drowned with Beleriand"-theory: Not a good guess at all, unless they had a time machine, as it completely ignores the timeline. The Entwives disappeared towards the end of the Second Age, and Beleriand was destroyed at the end of the First Age. That is a time difference of over 3000 years. Just to prevent misunderstandings/false info. ~Tolkiendil