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Seven Seals: OK, that's... that's just sick. And strangely compelling. Dear God, it could fuel fanfics for centuries. No wait, don't tell me, it already has?

Andyzero: Of course it already has.

Seven Seals: Well, I'm not talking about the sex they'd have, specifically. I mean, just the idea that Peach is putting on an elaborate charade for Mario every time she wants to be with her reptillian lover... And what was with those "thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle" guys, eh? Victims or aides? And oh, the angst, the ANGST! I... have to sit down.

Eric DVH: God, it makes so much sense... AND YET IT SHOULDN'T! DAMN MY EYES!!!

Ununnilium: "In the original continuity, Mario and Luigi were ordinary plumbers in stylish outfits before a time-space anomaly dropped them into the Mushroom Kingdom" No, in the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show continuity they were. The video games had no such concept. ``

HeartBurn Kid: It's worth noting that there's an anime from the '80s that has a similar conceit, only instead of falling through a warp pipe, Mario and Luigi get sucked into a video game. A bit meta?

Octal: "One internet comic depicted Peach as a common female Toad until a run-in with Darkstalkers' Demitri, who uses his Midnight Bliss attack on her, which turns its victim into a shapely woman. (The plot of this comic has him doing the same thing to Bowser.)" What webcomic was this? I want to read it now!

Same. I could have sworn it was somewhere else on the site, too...

Kalle: ffffffff I'm sorry for fiddling so much with the page, I kept trying to fix a formatting error in one of the Wiki Words and it won't. let me. change it. DDDX