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Ununnilium: Taking out:
  • Sirius Black never actually died after falling through the Veil in the Room of Death, because the room doesn't lead to the realm of the dead. It's confirmed that the spell that knocked Sirius beyond the Veil wasn't lethal, and it's also confirmed that the inner workings of how death work. Plus, we don't see a ghost of Sirius in any of the future books, and it's highly likely that, given the war against Voldermort, having Sirius around for more advice would be very helpful. Plus, it's been confirmed that no amount of magic can actually allow you to conjure up and speak with dead spirits, or bring someone's soul back from the dead, so if that's not possible, it's unlikely that the Ministry of Magic would have a portal into the realm of the dead. Hence, it doesn't exist, and Sirius isn't dead, by default. More likely, it was an area of suspended animation he fell into, which explains why he doesn't appear in any form afterwards.

...because... okay, magic that lets you conjure up and speak with the dead appears in Deathly Hallows, Sirius being a ghost is specifically addressed in Order of the Phoenix, and "that the inner workings of how death work" makes no sense.

Hogwarts = purgatory.
Someone had to say it.

No they didn't.

The incredibly disliked Epilogue Chapter of Deathly Hallows is part of a pre-release XanatosGambit on JK Rowlings part, counting that its poor quality would prevent people from accepting it if spoiled
Come on... Albus Severus?

Again, please don't put theories that boil down to "This Sucks".

Magic makes wizards stupider

  • Actually, the average wizard's ineptitude and insularity in regards to the muggle world that surrounds them may be Truth In Literature. Have you ever been to Quebec? In spite of being surrounded in their nation and all over its subcontinent by the two largest English-speaking nations on earth, not to mention being isolated from other francophones by an ocean, many Québecois go all the way through adulthood without knowing more than a lick of English. While I've never been to Britain, modern-day speakers of various archaic British languages (Gælic, Cymric, Armoric, Manx, Cornish, etc…) might be even more precisely what Rowling was referring to.
    • Not really. There really aren't any speakers of Gaelic, Welsh or Manx that don't also speak English as native speakers. Not now. They're tiny minority languages - according to the other wiki, by 1981 there were no speakers of Scottish Gaelic that didn't also speak English, and in 1971 there were less than 500. It is the most widespread of any of those languages. Apart from Gaelic, Welsh and Manx, the languages mentioned are - mostly - dead, although Cornish has been revived a bit in the 20th century.
I'm not awfully clear what this has to do with wizardry - even old wizarding families speak English, and there's nothing to prevent them reading Muggle books or picking up Muggle radio (the electronic-gadgets ban only works within Hogwarts). They just seem to choose not to!

Firelegend567-Removed "Obviously, when Remus said that "He's not coming back," he simply meant that there was booze and hot chicks behind the veil, so Sirius was going to be distracted for a while."

"Funny how people seem to think that Remus and Tonks died in the Final Battle. Those were just magical decoys, okay? The blue haired baby is not an orphan!!"

Because it sounds like Discontinuity to me

Does anyone know the name of this fanfic?

"Long story short, there's a squib with a grudge trying to expose the magical world; to protect herself from the wizard manhunt she's started, she hides out on a tech college campus (it might have been MIT), where there's so much engineering and technology that magic doesn't work"

I read this on the Wild Mass Guessing page and I really want to read this story.