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Citizen: What to do about A Tale of Melodies? Merge into this page or create a separate one?

Dentaku: I think it's best to keep them separate and link them to each other, since they are basically different stories.

Citizen: Different but similar (draaaaaaama), plus all the shared tropes; particularly those related to characters, since the cast overlaps so much.

Hylarn: I'd merge, it's a direct sequel and most of the tropes are identical.

Citizen: What about the title? Making Melodies just redirect to here is the obvious solution but seems a little unfair. We could also either use the title of the Visual Novel (Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two) or just ef.

Dentaku: In that case we'd better try something like what has been done for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, since ef's world is rather big and things tend to be a bit messy if we do everything in one page. On a related note, something like that could be done for Da Capo as well.

HashiriyaR32: Someone mind merging this article with the article for the original visual novel?

Citizen: There was nothing worth saving from that page, so I turned it into a direct to here. I did the same with Melodies, too, since a single page for everything would be best choice. I'm still wondering if this page should be moved to something like "Ef" (which is a terribly short title, but anyway), but I don't care enough at the moment to do anymore.

Dentaku: I don't know. Just meshing A tale of melodies with this page just doesn't work, in my view.

Feral Phoenix: It is kind of awkward, especially since the second anime focuses on some stuff that happens to be major spoilers for the first (and the first several chapters of the game), like Kuze's illness. Um, I'm going to make a character sheet, but I'm more familiar with the game than the anime series, so please help add tropes that are anime-specific!