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Izuki: It's a minor thing, but having the Troper TF 2 group be invite only seems like it's missing the point.
  • gaijinguy: Speaking of which, how does one solicit an invite?
  • Haven: I think there's another group which isn't invite-only, but yeah, that is pretty odd. Anyway, there's a thread in the video game forum about it; go post your steam name.

Kyte: Removed the Ambiguously Gay stuff and replaced it with "Probably a girl", given the way the devs refer to the class in the second question here. Old:
Description: Race and nationality unknown, dressed in head-to-toe fireproof suit in team color, and a gas mask. Voice is muffled, like a grown-up Kenny from South Park. Locker contains a suspicious pink purse. Assumed to be male, but this isn't certain. The Pyro is next on the list to receive new achievements and unlockable weapons.

Cameoflage: Maybe this is just my na´ve obliviousness to stereotypes showing through, but I'm really not seeing very much Ambiguously Gay in the Medic, nor would I have described his voice as "shrill", so I removed this sentence:
Has a shrill voice and may be gay.

MrChaim: Just edited the Demoman bit - his bottle only breaks after a critical hit. nothing big, but i figured it pays to be accurate

Geese: Is the Sniper's melee weapon really a kukri? It's, um, ridiculously big for one, even if I've never seen a concave-swept machete.
  • Klendt: Presumably. Kukri can get even bigger than that, however, models larger than 16 inches are awkward for everyday use. The biggest detail against it being a genuine kukri is the fact that the grip is squarish, rather than the distinctive round, ringed ceremonial look that defines it culturally.
  • Aside: the sniper refers to it in his post-kill responses as his "knife". Whoops.
    • Thats a shout out to Crocodile Dundee
  • However, Word of God(e.g.Valve) says it's a Kukri.

Harry Brewis: Edited the medic, explains the new medigun in greater detail. Oh, and by the way the demoman's bottle only breaks if he actually hits something when he crits.

Reveilled: Edited the Kritzkrieg info to reflect the recent change in charge time.

Klendt: Minor edit. Corrected the statement about the crit mechanics, changing it from "number of kills" to "amount of damage dealt recently". Removed that bit about how both syringe guns are "useless", which was there for several months. I'm disappointed in you guys. "The weapon that can kill anyone with just over half a magazine is completely useless." Honestly.

Omega Blade: I overhauled the section about gametypes to make it easier to read. I also included information about the Control Point gametype.

Dookie2: Perhaps we should make a character sheet so that the character section doesn't clutter the page? Just a thought.

Haven: That sounds good. Also: "My blood! HE JUST PUNCHED OUT ALL! MY BLOOD!"
Gimme a second.

Haven: Man, someone on this wiki is annoyed at the medic's characterization. While I long for the "meet the medic" video, look at it like this: the medic doesn't have it quite as bad as the pyro, at least :P

The Pocket: There seems to be little rhyme or reason, in practice, to how the tropes are grouped. Also there are examples that would apply to the characters and therefore should go on the Character Sheet. Major revision needed.

Rakuen: I just moved all the character tropes to the sheet, and also put folders into the main page, since it's become incredibly long.

Count Dorku: On a less serious note, I'd like to thank whoever knew the name "otolaryngologist's mirror". I've wondered for years what that thing was called!