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Premium Irritation: I don't agree with Maxi being listed under Darker and Edgier, at least not from SCIV - his mission has pretty much always been 'get soul Edge to kill Astaroth' - it didn't really change a whole lot from III to IV. The only difference is Tira's influence. Am I the only one thinking that?

Terrible_Cage: Not really. Maxi's mission since the beginnning has been "Kill Astaroth", however he has never dared consider using Soul Edge for that, as he was well aware of its evil propieties and would, at most, seek it with the knowledge the golem would be close to it. Now in IV, Tira tells him Astaroth's power has increased, and that Soul Edge is the only way to fight him on even grounds. Thus, he's now seeking it even if he's aware that he'll lost his mind upon using it (he's even expecting Kilik and Xianghua to take him out once he's out of control).

Chris X: Siegfried... a Wesley? Come on... it's not like he has generated a hatedom out of his predominance on plot. Just because someone has a tendency to take up the spotlight a lot, doesn't mean he is instantly a Wesley. He's more of a Spotlight Stealing Man, if that was the case.

Regiment: Isn't he sort of the protagonist? I mean, he wields Soul Caliber and all...

Terrible_Cage: He's certainly the central core of the story, as most of what happens since SC 1 is a direct consecuence of his actions. However, he's been the protagonist only since SC 3. SE has Taki/Sophitia, and SC 1 has Kilik/Xianghua (and Taki in the backdrop). SC 2 has no real protagonist, as Word of God stated.

Drow Lord: Just pointing out: Kilik and Seong-Mina had groin attacks in SC 2 ( 3A+B, as I recall).

Insanity Prelude: I swear I've pulled off one or two with Yoda, but I think that's just an accidental side effect of his (lack of) height.

Nornagest: Cut —

** This troper used to have nightmares about voldo coming to his house and talking, oh and did I mention that he sounded like michael jackson!!!. Yeah and he assaulted everything in the house even muffles, my cat

This ain't the place for personal anecdotes. You're looking for Troper Tales.

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* Katanas Are Just Better (Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu, and all create a characters can use katanas - Mitsurugi himself is a Ronin-esque Blood Knight looking for a Worthy Opponent, and is otherwise described as a One-Man Army.)

...because they aren't. Mitsurugi's an upper-tier character, and Yoshimitsu and Setsuka are both decent, but none are overwhelming — and you could put any differences down to moveset or statistics anyway. Some of the katana-using disciplines in SC 3 are good, some aren't. There is no particular tendency for the available katanas to be better than their Western or continental Asian counterparts.

Outside the realm of gameplay, it must be said that everyone in Soul Calibur is a stupendous badass — being a wandering Blood Knight Ronin One-Man Army doesn't count for much in a complex world of summoned demons, divine intervention, and savage lizard-people.

Deux Hero:We have WMG for this, but it is named Soul Calibur, so they don't appear at the top with the characters page link, anyone willing to fix that? Also, the fetish fuel isn't at the top of the main/character, but characters/main is on the fetish fuel entry

Trigger Loaded: Took out/changed:

Cervantes was always evil. Just a self-serving evil that'll kill anybody who gets in his way. I'm half-tempted to mention him as a Complete Monster, but since I rather admire how badass evil he is, he really doesn't apply.

Also edited Raised by Natives, though I'm unsure. The background says that Rock frightened the native tribes, but it's unclear if they were too scared to have anything to do with him, or let him live with them warily. Can anybody confirm this?

Terrible_Cage: According to Rock' SE and SC 4 profile (japanese), he's been surviving by himself since he arrived at the New World, which is how he developed his fighting style and connection with Mother Nature. By the time he found other people, he was already an adult "White Giant" and nobody would approach him, save for the orphaned Bangoo, who became his only comfort.

UnknownTroper Just wondering, it says that Meiga has a good Anti-AI move. What is that move?

Terrible_Cage: IIRC, it was 6+BK (forward+triangle&circle). It's a move where the character shoulder-charges forward and then slashes up. The AI usually eats up the attack and is send flying.