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Alhazred: Remade the WMG page under the new title.

Alhazred: Removing this under Genre Blindness because responding to it would make the entry natter (and it's also a Wall of Text):

  • Well... Drake's Fortune could be explained as the MacGuffin turning out to be a biological agent and not anything supernatural.

Here's why that doesn't work; note the part about Forgotten Phlebotinum in the original Genre Blindness line. If they were observant enough to realize El Dorado had a simple explanation (it carries a plague) when they saw it, they should then consider the possibility that the Chintamani Stone also has a simple explanation for whatever it does. The fact that Nate is quick to point out the concept of the stone as a metaphor for the sap makes it all the more jarring; why did he never consider that the actual abilities conferred by the "stone" may be toned down from the myths, but not outright untrue? El Dorado turned out not to be a city made of gold, after all.

GrabBag: Removed Among Thieves as an example of a Genre Shift. Genre Shift is appropriate for Drake's Fortune, because the game's atmosphere, color palette, camera movement, music, and fighting mechanics change drastically during the Nazi-base/Descendants level and are highly reminiscent of Survival Horror. Among Thieves doesn't have a similar atmosphere shift with the arrival of either the Demonic Yeti OR the Guardians. A scary and difficult-to-kill enemy in a game does not Survival Horror make.