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Grimace: Looking for some help from other tropers, regarding the "Moral Dissonance " of Lara's reactions to Everything trying to kill her. I've been playing Underworld (great game, btw), and keep thinking about Ms. Croft's trigger happy reaction to meeting the native wildlife. There's the numerous endangered species (tigers and mountain lions being designer favorites), and outright thought-to-be-extinct ones, like raptors and the occasional T-Rex. Admitted, they're all trying to eat her, but she does tend to brazenly trod around in their habitat. Hell, in the first level of Underworld, Lara drops a thing of spikes on the Kraken's head, because it's in her way, even though any Marine Biologist would give their left testicle to study it.

I find it jarring because one minute Lara will be waxing on about the wonders of ancient civilizations etc etc, then she proceeds to slaughter the local fauna. I like Tigers. I find shooting them in the face (even in a game) unsettling. The fact she raids tombs with duel USP Pistols, assault rifles and so on, kind of indicates preservation isn't even on her mind. Is this a trope? Or am I just a dirty dirty, tiger hugging hippy?

Arakhor: You're a tiger-hugging hippy :) Well, like any sensible archaeologist, she's more interested in human culture than in the natural world and, in her defence, said creatures are either trying to killing her or are stopping her from getting to where she needs to (e.g. the Kraken).

Grimace: Haha! I always suspected I was a closet hippy, now I know >;~D. Probably a case of me sitting analysing the motivation of a character who is meant to be pure Action Girl T&A. It just irks me from time to time. I mean, tigers are endangered, dag nammit! Until I can think/stumble across a trope that covers it properly, I reckon I'll leave it. Methinks the digital-tiger population will do fine in the meantime...