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Jaabi: How would we go about de-capitalising the page title?

Miquonranger03: The solutions make sense? I've done the electrocution thing three times without being able to figure it out. I had to look up the solution, which involves 100% moon logic and makes absolutely no sense given the situation the game puts you in. It was fine up until that point, but that is why SCUMM adventure games will always be the best: because they make sense and don't rely on restrictive time limits. The point of the point-and-click adventure is to figure out the puzzles, and imposing a time limit is unfair to the player.

Jaabi: The electrocution puzzle made sense to me. The light puzzle didn't. I was watching a video of twc post-freezer (I didn't play past there ... I'd had enough) and thought... "Wait, where did that puzzle come from?"