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fleb [04/22/2008]: Just to preserve such aged history, the entire description and the index markup appear to have been added "05/18/06 at 12:46 AM by Whogus The Whatsler" — though The Great Crash had a habit of reducing page history to a single edit where there were more previously.
I feel like there might be a trope in the exchange "Join or die." "But I'm already—" "Again!". Something about confusion over the definition of "dead" in stories where the dead walk and/or death is cheap, but I'm not sure exactly how to form it. Last four panels here probably fit it, though. —Document N
Also, the page currently says "Certain information from earlier years—some of which is missable—doesn't become relevant until you encounter certain puzzles in the last year.". What in particular? I've beaten the game, but it was a while ago. —Document N

fleb: That was me. I was mainly thinking of the fact that Sal's lengthy letter includes the fact that pigeons find people just by looking at a photo. Then there's the fact that fire extinguishers spray something that's actually combustible when mixed with packing foam from the first year, and the coroner mentions dead florists are rather unhinged as they learn flowers represent death within death.

actually, I had a terrible time with the Lengua puzzle because I hadn't looked at everything in the restaurant before talking to Celso and activating the transition to Year 2.
fleb: I reverted the entry for Nick Virago under Karmic Death, because while that would be a shockingly literal application of the trope name, I'm not sure if that can even be called a "death." \\Later: Lola what's-her-name didn't really pull a Heroic Sacrifice so much as refuse to give up information to her killer.

  • But the years in between are unexplained too; important events happened then, too:
  • How did Manny go from waiter to owner of the café?
  • How did he go from lowly sailor to ship's captain?
    • He did these things by being made of 100% pure Grade A free-trade all-organic Awesome.
  • What happened while crossing the ice?
    • We will never know for sure, but this troper suspects that it had to do with Manny being made of fresh-squeezed no preservatives added an important part of your balanced breakfast Awesome, with flavor-crystals and flecks of pure gold, served with a tiny parasol and a Krazy-Straw.
    • An alternative theory is that he spent that time being basted in his own Awesomesauce.