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I'm not sure about the story thing. Most reviews seem to say the new story is a drop in quality.

It's more straightforward, less ambiguous/controversial, but blander - but the gameplay is a lot better.

32_Footsteps: I imagine that line was put in by one of the many anti-Marche people that edit here. Since Luso is only trying to go home by himself, it's much more palatable for the "Marche is the greatest villain in video gaming history" crowd.

Whoops- Made a new page for thos game because I couldn't find the existing one because searches for "Final Fantasy tactics Advance" didn't show it. Sorry about that. - Apple_Kid

Removed from the Cast from HP discussion: "MP Shield helps to cushion the blow somewhat, as it makes your MP an HP buffer against inbound attacks." No (good guy) unit can learn MP Shield AND Blood Price; Blood Price is Viera-only. True, sometimes enemy units will have abilities they should not (I wouldn't even doubt the existence of an enemy with both Blood Price and MP Shield) but that's just because The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard. - Heroic Jay

Nirual: MP Shield sucks anyway, it equals 10 health per turn now (unlike the prequel where the complete blow was absorbed even if you had less mana), so I'd rather take Regen as R-skill.

I went ahead and deleted this too from the "Cheating Bastard" description: "Also, the enemy party has no incentives to obey judges like in the previous game." That's not because The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard. It's because the player is a cheating bastard that gets special advantages the computer never gets... so long as they follow the law. And the only penalty to breaking the law is the loss of those bonuses. The computer literally gains nothing by following the law so they don't bother to do so - breaking it wouldn't incur a penalty. The plot also gives an excuse for this. (Notably, it didn't work the same way in the first Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but there was a real penalty to breaking the law in that game - the unit would be removed from the playing field. That happened to most enemies too, which is why they followed the law whenever possible.) - Heroic Jay

Nirual: pulled "Some "dispatch the right person for the job" missions are largely up to chance, " from Luckbased Mission because it's not one. Its a Guide Dang It!.
Ack Sed: As far as I can glean from the nets,MVP stands for Most Valued Player and the post-mission MVP reward is triggered by a character using their abilities more than a certain number of times - exact number unknown. Characters with a high MVP (signified by their MVP Statue being filled in) are more capable on Dispatch missions. They'll show this by jumping up and down when you pick them,like in the original :). Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Nirual: MVP does signify that the character is deemed valuable, but how exactly it is determined is unknown. It's even possible to have multiple characters gain the bonus after a fight, or noone at all. The higher the MPV, the better the character does at dispatches, but to what extend it influences this (level is also a factor, and sometimes the class) is also unknown. In other words, we all roughly know what it does, but the exact mechanics are a big question mark. Also, you can't dispatch unique characters but they can still get MVP. Which ironically makes Luso a bit of a Jeigan because you're forced to use him in story missions but don't want him to perform better than the generic units so he doesn't "steal" the MVP.

Softspoken: I changed the bit about how blind affects accuracy in the body paragraph... I can't remember the exact dynamics of it, so I put how I think it worked. If the skill had 99% (or 100%) accuracy, it was reduced to 70%. If it was previously a 50% skill, I think it reduced to 35% or so... I'm very certain it was above 20%. Blind never made a skill have 0%, anyways, it would just get a really teeny fraction.

Deuxhero: Everyone keeps mentioning free turns for the computers. I have never encountered this. Going by my preference for fast units, I think everyone is just fielding slowpokes. Can anyone confirm they can actually get free turns?