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Space Drake: As I'm kind of the self-appointed magnate for all things Atelier on TVT, I have a confession: I'm a little uncertain this page is entirely called for.

I appreciate the effort, but it has to be acknowledged that the Atelier series is not exactly a juggernaut in the English-speaking world. I know, I know, There Is No Such Thing as Notability, but I'm not really certain that each game in the series is prominent enough to deserve its own page. I mean, Dragon Quest doesn't have a per-game trope page, nor does Wild ARMs or Super Robot Wars. And the initial trope list rather bears this out; that's not a very impressive entry.

I'm not trying to be a jerk just to be a jerk, but for now at least I think the Atelier Series page alone is enough to encompass all the games (heck, it's still smaller than some single-show or single-game pages!) If you have some tropes to add to that page, by all means do so, but not every single game might warrant its own page.

Sijo: I started the page because I believe that AI 2 stands out enough for it to be covered. RP Gs where you alternate between two characters (and two different styles of play!) are not common. In addition, I see many additions have already been made to the page, which means there IS obvious interest on it. Oh, btw, I'm also working on some Wild Arms articles, too.

Sijo: Re: Red Oni, Blue Oni - Are Felt and Viese's colors actually reversed? I thought Felt was the laid back one (blue) and Viese the energetic one (red). (OK, these are only mild factors of their personalities, but they do come up in the game, they mention it themselves at the start.)