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I removed this:

...and the "tattoos & trash-talk" image that the sport presents certainly does it no favors.

Because I think it's a rather dubious and overly generalized assertion. How much the assorted American MMA promotions present "tattoos & trash-talk" in comparison to various other sports is debatable, and I don't think anyone can consider any Japanese MMA promotion to fit into the stereotype. If someone wants to add a section that looks at the impact marketing has had on the public perception of MMA in America or worldwide, that might be in order.

Mercy: Well, my observations would suggest that tattoos and trash-talk were more prevalent (or at least public) in MMA than say professional golf, tennis, gymnastics, netball, equestrian sports, fencing, and swimming, just off the top of my head. For a sport supposedly trying to shed a "human cock-fighting" image, the parade of tattooed "bad boys" seems a bit self-defeating, but obviously Your Mileage May Vary.

Captain Crawdad: But of course the real comparison would be to sports like boxing, hockey, football, basketball, etc. There are plenty of tattoos and plenty of trashtalk in professional sports.

Mercy: And what would make that comparison more "real"? Would it perhaps be that the sports you list (especially boxing, which is another sport with an image problem) are promoted with a very "physical", and indeed rather gladiatorial, image not dissimilar to MMA? I know that basketball is supposed to be a non-contact sport, but I've also played it...

Captain Crawdad: Yes, that and their popularity make them more applicable as measuring sticks.

Silent Hunter: Stuck in a redirect from Cage Fighting, as it's also known.


DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC to Captain Crawdad: I am trying to give the page a more factual feel. If you have issues with my edits, kindly Discuss them here rather than just reverting with no explanation.

Captain Crawdad: Sorry, that was unintentional. You must have made the changes while I was adding those tropes at the bottom of the page. When I checked the page back in, it effectively reverted all your edits without me ever even seeing them.

DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC: Ah, that explains it. I didn't think they were there the first time I read through the page. Onward then! WAR NOG FTW!