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Working Title: Useful Notes On Australia: From YKTTW

Laevatein: Got what I think is a start. Any help with this greatly appreciated.

Sabre Justice: Is anyone ever gonna make the Indigenous Australians page? Don't ask me, I suck at that kinda thing.

Aruelle: Evidently we don't have many Aboriginal contributors, and no-one else feels game enough to give it a crack. Yay for an Aussie education?

Aruelle: Thought I'd check The Other Wiki to see if it could help with the page, and apparently the preferred term is 'Aboriginal' rather than 'Indigenous'. Think we should change it?

Sabre Justice: That's a massively awkward can of worms there. I think it doesn't help that the two words are synonyms. (I'm pretty sure)

Alright, with the right combination of booze and caffiene in me, I might give the Indigenous Australians page a crack after a look at Wikipedia. Put it this way: part of our national attitude towards them is The Atoner, though tragically inept. I think we're about a century behind the Americans for once.