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Seven Of Diamonds: Is somebody working on a "Me and My Dick" page?


Because he can't be both (without some explanation at least.) Camp Gay is supposed to be an effeminate, lisping, flouncing stereotype. This guy was a Jewish New Yorker type, with a clear sensitive side but not what you could call limp-wristed. But he also wouldn't fit under Straight Gay because he had his moments with the High School Musical love, but even then he wasn't really "queeny" he was more reverent toward it. So...maybe a gay character who doesn't fit perfectly into one of two stereotypes?

stardust_rain: what's spoiler-policy on this one? Wouldn't it be logical to de-spoil deaths that had already occurred in the series, like Cedric and all the people Molly mentions? People should know this already.

Seven Of Diamonds: Yeah, I kind of figured people wouldn't be hanging around this page if they weren't familiar with the books. Maybe we could just have a spoilers ye be warned up in the descriptions?

stardust_rain: would it be reasonable spoilers for the original plot twists that deviates from the book, like the Heel–Face Turn, Not Quite Dead characters, etc? Since those make part of the show after all.

Seven Of Diamonds: Yeah, I would say keep the twists from the show spoilered.

Should we bother to make a character page for the work? I only suggest it since most of the characters are so radically different from the originals.

Sevenof Diamonds: Sure seems like there are a lot of examples that consist of Trope: Character, so yeah, why not?
  • Okay, the page is up but it doesn't have everyone on there. Should we do a little bio for each that distinguishes them from their canon counterpart?

Sounds good to me, can you post a link for us to edit?
  • I edited and wrote a lot in there for now, I'll probably add more later.

Seven Of Diamonds: Great job! It's looking good.

Oh well now it is not allowing any edits.

ladyindigo: May I ask why Snape's canon backstory doesn't qualify as a Composite Character moment for Draco and the whole Draco/Hermione thing? It mirrors the whole subplot almost exactly on a parody level, right down to Snape's Worst Memory, and whether or not you agree with me (and there's more than enough subjective tropes on this page) it fits what a Composite Character is. Unless someone is just deleting whatever they don't like, in which case permission to reinstate?

Seven Of Diamonds: You don't need to ask permission. If you can justify it, put it back. Personally I didn't see anything wrong with it.

Just so you know, there's a page about Little White Lie up.