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HeartBurn Kid: I dunno if Shadowrun counts as Dungeon Punk; after all, technology isn't really replaced by magic in Shadowrun. Technology and magic coexist side-by-side. The Badass Longcoat is far more likely to be packing a Remington Roomsweeper shotgun than a fireball wand (even if he does have pointy ears).

HeartBurn Kid, much much later: Yes, yes, Serpent, I get it, you don't like the game. That's why they make chocolate and vanilla — because you like crappy ice cream.

Boobah: I miss turn to goo.
Random Passerby: 4e Brought Turn to Goo back.

Shiralee: In carrying with the ice cream example...It's Superman Rum ice cream with shards of fiberglass and Dead Elven Baby, and that's just the way I like my RPGs. Troll should try the Genesis one to see how it's really supposed to work. (though the SNES one has better storytelling since there's less nutty grinding-for-a-pittance)

Andy Waltfeld: To STUART: The big chunk of text regarding the resurrection system of the FPS just doesn't fit. Half the potholed Tropes were unnecessary (Ragdoll Physics probably being the most obvious), and since general consensus about the game was that it was pretty awful, the average reader doesn't need (or want) an in-depth description of its mechanics. Not to mention the thing reeked of run-on sentences and poor (but at least well-spelled) formatting.