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Frodo Goofball Co TV: see this YKTTW for opening discussion.

Haven: Took this out because it feels a bit Square Peg, Round Trope, given that they stopped using the Planescape brand and most of the cosmology after 2e. Also, it just feels like a big Take That! against...someone?

  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: the majority of Planescape fans are convinced that the upgrade to 4th edition has officially destroyed Planescape, if not D&D as a whole, thanks to the removal of the Character Alignment system around which the Great Wheel multiverse was based, and the subsequent replacement of the Great Wheel with the World Axis cosmology. Those who were not fans of Planescape, particularly those annoyed by the insistence (both in the actual setting and the fandom) that their Great Wheel overwrote any claims by other settings to have unique cosmologies, consider such complainers to be examples of Fan Dumb.
    • That, and the 4th Edition Manual of the Planes explicitly presents the alignment wheel model as a planar alternative for D&D games. It's not gone.