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Tulling: Why is it infamous? The word implies that it is strongly disliked or even reviled. Is it badly designed? Difficult to play? A bad choice of subject matter?

Ununnilium: "The word implies that it is strongly disliked or even reviled." Not really. "Infamous" is "famous for being evil". CoC is appropriately evil. It's hard as heck.

Tulling: "Difficult to play" then. It would have been clearer if it had said "notoriously difficult" instead of "infamous".

Shahai: something is considered infamous when its famous for somethign that would not normaly make someone famous (i.e. infoamour killers.) Call of Cthulhu is infamous because very rarely will a character make it through the adventure alive, let alone sane. Most characters end up in graves or asylums.

Paireon: I guess that makes the fact that the group I played with was either pretty awesome or incredibly lucky; we don't play that much, but each of us has at least one character who managed to last for a dozen or so scenarios.