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Koveras: I have removed the three examples because adding them was a bad idea, just as the main text says. Let's not create a precedent, please, otherwise we'll have ourselves yet another enormous subjective list faster that we can say "needs more love".

Rebochan: But the examples already here are completely subjective too. I don't see any way for this to not turn into a subjective list.

This wasn't run through a YTTKW, was it?

Stardf29: Maybe there can be a Sugar Wiki page for this? I know we already have the Gush pages, but oftentimes the works that need more love are those that maybe aren't our absolute favorites... just something pretty good that most people haven't heard of or something that someone feels is better than the general opinion of it. And, of course, Sugar Wiki is pretty much one big subjective-trope-fest.

Bgal: Why isn't there a Trooper Tales for this?

superfroggy: I dunno... I can smell the woe-is-me Wangsting from here.