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Jade Eyed 1: Whoever put Captain Kirk ahead of the Doctor, you're getting seriously close to my Berserk Button, pal....
Charred Knight: To prevent misconceptions (the gods from Code Geass are not actual gods but the sum of human conscious) I changed Lelouch's to emphasize how unique a character he is. I mean anyone can be a walking CMOA I mean Davey Kintober is one, but it takes a special kind of character to be as flawed as Lelouch, and be both enjoyable to watch him suffer for one person, and be the woobie to another. His a really well done character.
This... might be the worst page on the entire website. There really is no point to it. You can at least just say "oh, I like this one guy" on "Gushing About Shows You Like". But its own page? Haha, no. As soon as I saw this existed, I cried. I'm not kidding.
Sharm Hedgehog: What's with the picture of Samus? This isn't a Metroid page.

Stranger: It's 'cause Samus is Bad Ass. Even people who don't like Metroid have to admit that.