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//Rob Tappert is now (or was, not sure if they are still together) married to Lucy Lawless. This may justify this show's creation. Or maybe not. -Bluetooth The Pirate

Nope. Lawless was about 4th or 5th in line for the lead role, IIRC. Behind the lady who ended up playing Callisto, amusingly enough.

Plus they didn't get married until 3 years into production. And as of 2009 they're still together.

L Sn K: Whoever put the bracketed text in "Action Girl (Xena)," haw haw. We're not that stupid!

Revolos55: Question about the Staff Girl entry. Yeah, she uses a staff, but Gabrielle doesn't seem to fit with the premise of that trope, which seems to be more magic-wielding. Amarys:I though staff Chick was magic or not.

This page so needs a recommended fanfic entry.