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Redkun: Why change Souji Tendou to Tendou Souji? "Tendou" is his surname.

Cassius335: It's a Japanese name in a Japanese show, so Japanese name order. "Souji Tendou" is the wrong way round.

Redkun: But this is an English Wiki, so English name order. Which is forename first, surname last. And you haven't bothered changing any of the other names so people are going to think that "Tendou" is his first name.

Cassius335: Oh, for crying out loud! "Tendou Souji" is how it's said in the show. A Lot. It's even part of his personal intro. Plus, you know, he does have a sister. Anyone who thinks their family name is "Souji" ain't paying attention.

And now I have to change all the names around just to satisfy you? Thanks so much. Kindly go die of something nasty.

What's next? Moon Sailor?

(later): Ok, changed over. And if you change it back now, I will hunt you down and strangle you with your own intestines.

Redkun: Wow. Temper tantrum, much? It seems you're the only one who had a problem with "forename first, surname last" despite that being the standard across the Wiki. Seriously, was it worth putting in all that effort just so you'd be "right"?

Cassius335: So the fact it's the cultural standard of an entire country means nothing, then? "Family name, Personal name." is the way the citizen's of Japan like their names in real life. Why is it so wrong to respect that?

Oh, and I don't see a whole lot of people jumping to your defense, so cut out the "only one" bollocks. You're "only one" yourself.