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Should we create a Fetish Fuel page? With the number one entry being Angela, and the second Brennan's Wonder Woman costume. Not to mention David frickin' Boreanaz.

Has it been a bad run of episodes this season to start watching the show or are all the characters unbelievably rude except Sweets (usually) and the gamut of grad students?

Nobodymuch Angela and Hodgins disposition has been strained by the end of their engagement.

Bones told off Booth for being condescending. I had a hearty irony lol.

What Emily Deschenel interview said there was Writer on Board. Not wanting citation like The Other Wiki, just curious.

KJMackley: Booth's hallucinations are a foreshadowing, not a chekhovs gun. the difference between the two is that a chekhovs gun is known and used by the characters, whereas a foreshadow is just hinting at a future development.

notreallyatroper: just wondering, who does the Badass Boast belong to? I'm getting the impression that it's Sweets, but I just wanna know.

Seonor: The lawyer of Max Brennan at his trial. S03 E13, I think.