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//To be fair, until Frank Miller did The Dark Knight Returns, the Bat Comics were never too gritty compared to other period mysteries. The flavor sought for this series were the extremely nerfed Bat Books of the '40s. Which it does portray accurately.

The recent Docudrama Back to the Batcave was both a cast reunion for Burt Ward and Adam West and a Flash Back show set around the production of the series. It was pretty good about exposing the truth of the show's tone and intent. I just wish they'd included some of the Green Hornet Crossover. Bruce Lee vs. Bruce Wayne!

-Bluetooth The Pirate


a.) The flavor is taken from the Bat-books of the '60s, not '40s, and...

b.) They'd been re-darkened before Dark Knight Returns, with Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams's work in the 70s.

</nitpick> —Ununnilium

// If you consider the show in the context of the goofy Silver Age stories of the 40s and 50s, it qualifies as Affectionate Parody.


HeartBurn Kid: And Bob Kane's original Batman stories were pretty damn gritty, as 4-color comics go. He even used guns (just about the modern Batman's only taboo).

biznizz: Since there is an article about the Death of Superman, should we make one for Batman RIP? Thoughts?

Runespoor7: Removing the Bruce bashing from the Cass section of the character sheet.

Runespoor7: Also removing It wasn't depicted as okay at all. That page is extremelky disturbing, and while Tarantula doesn't seem to realize at all that she's raped him, Dick is clearly extremely unwell both at that moment and later.