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Sabre Justice: Mock the poem all you want, I'm proud of just figuring out how to format it properly.

Peteman: Pretty good, but rhyming "charge" with "discharge" leaves room to be desired.

Sabre Justice: Yeah, I was kind of in a bind there. If anyone has a better idea they can add a note that someone scribbled over that line with the change.

Trope Kira: If anyone wants to jump in to do some touch-up work with Tales of Redemption, be my guest.

Sabre Justice: Did some long-overdue editing and spellchecking (I seem to be this website's resident spellcheck), and adding a few touches.

Chris X: In case anyone hasn't read, I've added the Tales of Alliance, which includes daily lives or happenings between the GUAG or GUAE. If this has potential to go... please fill in with more.