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  • Many of Zuko's lines, such as this exchange that seems to have come straight from the Star Wars prequels:
    Mai: Orange is such an awful color.
    Zuko: You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
    Mai: I don't hate you.
    Zuko: I don't hate you, too.

Snipped. Probably intentionally corny. Okay, maybe I hope it was intended to be corny. It can be hard to tell with a lot of scenes in season 3, honestly.
I know Aang is only twelve, but this line made me laugh almost as hard as Anakin's "sand speech".
Aang: Baby, you're my forever girl.

Bones: I know Avatar does have quite a bit of Narm, but this was supposed to be funny. Heck, it's more entertaining than most of the romance on the show! Mike and Bryan should seriously focus their energies on comedy rather than romance or drama.

Lale: "In a Hanna-Barbera animated Bible story, three of the characters have to escape from a rooftop by bouncing off two protruding window hangings and then onto the ground. The first two go — *bounce* *bounce* *land*. The third — *bounce* *bounce* *offscreen CRASH and camera shake* "OUCH!" This never failed to put this troper in hysterics." How is that not intentionally funny?

That Other 1 Dude: Removed
  • In the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Boiling Rock", Zuko and Sokka are discussing their lives. It's all very serious and sombre, until Sokka decides to mention "My first girlfriend turned into the moon". The event in question is truly tragic, but it sounds like such an unbelievably bizarre non-sequiter that laughter is inevitable.

Because it was obviously suppose to be funny.

Ack Sed, that other thing is just straight up bitching. You're complaining that people are speaking normally? Anyway, how the hell is that funny?

Clarabell: Lale, it was played rather seriously — the character then says, "Oww! I twisted my ankle!" However, it's probably an obscure enough example to leave out. It's just so terribly funny to see.
  • The scene from "The Western Air Temple" where Toph acts out of Character by being afraid after Zuko burned her feet. The whole scene looks like Rape, but the ludicrousy of Nickolodeon having the former Anti Villain rape someone makes the whole thing hilarious instead of disturbing.

Lale: I'm pretty sure that scene was supposed to be funny ("Why am I so bad at being good?), not symbolic of rape.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Also, consider that her getting her feet burned is pretty much the equivalent of someone else getting burned across the eyes. Even the manliest manly-man would probably be freaking out if they got fire-slashed over their face.

Charred Knight: Is it Narm if I found it funny for all the wrong reasons? From the point of view from the writers their joke fell completely flat. If you look at it from a rape scenerio its hilarious due to the Nickolodean angle.

Lale: Sorry, I just don't see anything in that encounter remotely reminiscent of rape. If you do find it funny because it looks like rape on Nickelodeon, that's cool, but I doubt it was intended to remind us of rape but accidentally came across looking funny, which would be the scenario to qualify as Narm, right?

Now, Suki's reaction to what she thinks is a prison guard trying to kiss her...
Lale: I don't think a scene can be listed as both Crowning Moment of Awesome and Narm. And the debate about how fire "works" is Fridge Logic.
  • 'The Beach' is the biggest narm-fest in the whole series, from the poorly executed attempts at squeezing cheesy pathos out of Mai and Ty Lee's characters and Zuko's insufferable wangst, all awash in tasteless, whore-yourself-out fanservice.

Lale: That was obviously supposed to look ridiculous, like everyone who's whining about their rough childhoods needs to get over themselves already. And the Fanservice is no more tasteless than... all Fanservice.
  • "Nightmares and Daydreams" has Aang saying to Katara in a daydream, "Baby, you're my forever girl." This troper promptly fell over laughing at the epic Anakin-esque attempt. (Though it's largely turned into Narm Charm, because she likes Kataang.)

I highly doubt that was supposed to be very serious. Moving to Narm Charm.
Lale: Isn't anyone who dresses like Ozai in that scene obviously supposed to be laughed at?

Charred Knight: If they where going for laughs it would be funnier.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here for now.
Caswin: On the topic of The Batman: "You're... Bruce Wayne!" I can see how this would be regarded as unfitting last words, but "not very dramatic" does not equal Narm. Come to think of it, the "Chili gives you gas!" line sounds like it was either meant to provoke laughter, or the editor just thought it was a stupid line, in which case, I don't think that this is the place. Ditto the Justice League example, and... did this turn into simple "drama failure" when I wasn't looking?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan; Cut these and put it here. Put together, these imply comic relief. Dreamworks animated films do put comic relief in the darnedest places...

  • Kung Fu Panda's wise old turtle Oogway keeps up his aura of mystic sagacity quite well for the most part; but when he dispenses a kernel of chain-letter inspiration like "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift: that's why it's called the present," it's a little hard to take him seriously.
    • Oogway makes a positive habit of messing with his aura of sagacity. It's a running gag.
      Oogway: "Sifu, there is only news. There is no good or bad."
      Sifu: "Your vision was right! Tai-Lung has broken out of prison!"
      Oogway: "...That is bad news."
    • And again(Paraphrased)
      Oogway: I sense the Dragon Warrior will soon be among us.
      Sifu: Who is worthy to be the Dragon Warrior?
      Oogway: Idunno.