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Some Guy: The College Roomies from Hell section sounds like natter. Methinks it should be cut down. Anyone have any thoughts?

Charred Knight: deleted "or the dramatic power-ups accompanied with transformations into purple codpieces", since that one is intentional. He even points it out which is actually kind of pathetic. Of course his the one with the succesful webcomic adored by about a thousand people, and I have nothing.

That Other 1 Dude: Got rid of the absolutely massive natter. If anyone wants to put a couple examples instead of going onto a rant on why you think the webcomic sucks/now sucks feel free.

Lord Seth: Removed:
  • Or uh... I don't care if it's a dead horse, I'm beating it. HAVING THE BLOODY RAPE VICTIM FALL IN LOVE WITH THE RAPIST. I HATE YOU MOOKIE.
Because as it notes, it is a dead horse, but more importantly, it isn't an example of Narm. A massive Wall Banger, yes, but not Narm.

L Guardinal: Deleted the CAD link to Encyclopedia Dramatica, 'cause it made my computer flip out and start to install shit, like it had caught some nasty virus. Next time, find a link that isn't to the wiki equivalent of /b/!

Haven: I'm not sure I get what's narmy about the link to Dex in bandages? When he got up and started walking around, sure, but that specific strip?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. My memory of the scene that picture represents (it's from one of The Matrix films, right?) is kinda fuzzy...
  • When the Big Bad is revealed in the scripts. The villain lays down her plans, goals, etc., and, besides all the obvious did not do the research moments about genetics and dna, all I could think of was this.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and put it here. The example is a combination of Ass Kicking One Liner and Over Extended Metaphor, which means that it's supposed to be funny. (The other part is also justified out).

..except for "I'm bringing the make you cry!" The Thieves' Guild in general is narmy because everyone acts as if they're a credible threat when they're not, on any level.
  • They are equal or higher level than Haley, at a time where all her allies are either absent (Durkon/Elan/Vaarsuvius), incapacitated (Belkar/Roy) or much lower level (Celia). So yeah, that makes them a threat. Bozzok sounds narmy because he's an idiot.
  • Isn't Bozzok's awful taunt not Narm because that was clearly supposed to be an awful line?

Danel: I'm aware of the Hatedom, but I'm not sure that either of the Dominic Deegan examples really fit - one of them is frankly incomprehensible, and the other is more (extreme) Mood Whiplash rather than Narm.