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Added quotation marks to "realist". Sounds more like Crapsack World than realistic.

Man Called True: People do notice when people are demon-creepy, if I recall correctly - Guts gets pointed towards several demons, starting with the Duke in the first two volumes, because they've gotten unusually foul lately. The only real exceptions I'm aware of are Mozgus and Griffith.

Red Viking: I went ahead and added the Five-Man Band example for the Band of the Hawk Arc that had been previously posted in the anime example section of said trope and tweaked it a little.

Capn Con: How exactly are the Godhand Cosmic Horrors? Yeah, they manipulate people and make them sacrifice their loved ones, but they're no more cosmic horrorish than, say, traditional depictions of the Devil.

Cybele: Uhhh...could they be considered either Eldritch Abomination or The Legions of Hell?

Influence This: Added the reason for "Poor, poor Casca." under Chickification. This is a wiki where very serious adult subjects are discussed and leaving out the reason for her total character reversal is a disservice.

Alrune: Practically filled out the characters page. Feel free to modify or add whichever you deem useful.

Grey: Uhh, where does it state in the manga that Guts is a half demon?

Anoniguy: Nowhere. I've dug through every volume of the (damn good) Dark Horse translation, and all the remaining chapters which have been scanlated. I didn't see that anywhere. Just lots of Apostle's whining that no normal human could do this, etc etc.

Chabal 2: Does anyone else consider Guts' sword to be a Chekhov's Gun? It's called a Dragonslayer when he receives it, but no actual dragons appear until like twenty books later. Even then he doesn't actually kill the thing, but it does exclaim surprise at the sword piercing its skin. So I'm thinking, it's called a Dragonslayer, dragon shows up, is a recurring character, sword's bound to justify the name sooner or later, pretty sure that's a Chekhov's Giant Sharpened Slab of Metal.

  • Anoniguy: As of the most recent chapters, dragons are officially part of the world. A fuckload of them. The Dragonslayer might get put to the test after all. Also hydras, sea serpents, etc... Guts is going to be a busy guy.

Oh, and here's a great image of Donald Duck as Guts and Mickey as Femto. Thought it was worth sharing.

Schitzo: Should Gaston have an entry in the characters page? He does appear more than once, has a name, and dies brutally right in front of Guts.

  • Alrune: I don't think Gaston is that important a character. But if you want to add him, you can put him with the members of the original Hawks.

Echospeed: If the opening theme wasn't listed under 'So bad it's good' I would've had to add it. I can't listen to it without bursting into laughter. The whole thing is just so...bad!

Alrune: I'm actually looking for good quotes to associate with the characters. Can anyone give me some?
  • Wraith: How many do you want? I've got plenty. Oh, and about the characters, or by the characters? I can go either way. Some samples:
    • "A man should envision such a lifetime once. A life spent as a martyr to the god named "Dream"." — Griffith ("Berserk")
    • "To me, a friend is... something else. Someone who would never depend up another's dream. Someone who wouldn't be compelled by anyone, but would determine and pursue his own reason to live. And should anyone trample that dream, he would oppose him body and soul... even if the threat were myself. What I think a friend is, is one who is my equal." — Griffith ("Berserk")
    • "I'll not betray my dream. That is all." — Griffith ("Berserk")
    • "One who dreams of world domination. One who devotes his whole life to the thorough tempering of one sword. If there is a dream which takes one his whole life to find, there are also dreams which, like storms, devour tens of thousands of other dreams." — Griffith ("Berserk")
    • "I want to be by his side. If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream... if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path... then I want to be his sword." — Caska ("Berserk")
    • "The angel is the hawk of darkness. The master of the sinful black sheep, the king of the blind white sheep. The one who shall call down upon the world an age of darkness." — Schierke ("Berserk")
    • "I want to know what transcends the order I clung to. The truth. And I want to learn a way to live in the darkness where the light of that order does not reach." — Lady Farnese ("Berserk")
    • "I am the one who saved your life, so you now belong to me." — Farnese ("Berserk")
    • "You're saying you believe in god but not in evil spirits?" — Guts ("Berserk")
    • "Seems like for me nothing but wielding this really feels true. There're no other answers." — Guts ("Berserk")
    • "Maybe I'm once again trying to throw away something irreplaceable that I'll never have again." — Guts ("Berserk")
    • "Nobody lies their way into a body with this many scars." — Guts ("Berserk")
    • "Cut your love asunder, Count!" — Femto ("Berserk")
    • "The thread of fate has been severed." — Void ("Berserk")
    • "Good dreams, bad dreams. It's still unfortunate to wake up in the middle of one." — Judeau ("Berserk")
    • "Dragons are dragons because humans can't beat them." — Godo ("Berserk")
    • "But, Jill, was there anything fun in the village? Anything more fun than flying in the sky?" — Rosine ("Berserk")
    • "It is a fairy tale. Yes. This is a fairy tale for children." — Rosine ("Berserk")
    • "I'm sure I would regret it. Whether I'd followed after him this way or gone back to the village instead." — Jill ("Berserk")
    • "I don't have wings, so I guess I'll look up at this sky and crawl along the earth." — Jill ("Berserk")
    • "Thou shalt not avert thine eyes." — Mozgus ("Berserk")
    • "But those threatened by the dark can by no means ever let go of a torch. All they can do is stare in blank surprise at their illuminated, disgustingly cruel selves and continue to suffer it." — The Nameless ("Berserk")
    • "This musn't be. I won't have this! No one must defile this battle!" — Zodd ("Berserk")
    • "By the sea the kite met a young owl from the forest, who was surrounded by seagulls. The kite thought, even though she's surrounded by so many seagulls, that owl looks lonely for some reason. We're kind of alike, gazing at the setting sun. Maybe we can be friends, she thought." — Sonia ("Berserk")
    • "Be careful of her when she's obeying what someone says. Especially when she seems submissive. She's not the kind of woman who's at peace with the schemes of men." — Lady Vandimion ("Berserk")
    • "It looks bad when a princess protects a knight." — Roderick ("Berserk")
    • “The first form I’ve taken in some time… alas, troll entrails make for a revolting ethereal figure” — Slan ("Berserk")
    • "Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea. So, you were the only one summoned." — Skeleton Knight ("Berserk")

Alrune: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've already found some myself but since you give me such a nice choice, I'll pick in some of those as well. I would prefer to have them BY characters, something they actually said. And about the number, I put up 2 for the 3 main characters and 1 for all the others. What do you think?

Anoniguy: Is anyone following the latest chapters? The way Guts is behaving seems more like his old self than he's been since the millenium falcon arc started (and it seems to have ended, incidentally - the current chapters mention Elf Island(!)). Killing big monsters without breaking a sweat, mouthing off, making smart-ass remarks? Dare we say He's Back?

Also, I'd like to bring back the old 'In this world' quote for the page, because it's just a particularly excellent quote for the story, says so much about it.

In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.