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KJMackley: I took out the first two Chekhov quotes because they were redundant. I am positively thrilled that someone actually did research, but the one I kept was the longest and clearest quote.

This doesn't belong under Examples, but I just love it: In the DVD commentary for the Firefly episode "The Train Job", Joss Whedon remarks, "I believe Chekhov said, when you bring a loaded chicken onstage, you must fire it." To which Tim Minear replies, "Um, so that would be in the original Star Trek?"

Do we have a name for the Chekhov's gun aversion? As in, when something looks like a Chekhov's gun, but the gun never "gets fired", and it's not a deliberate Red Herring? - Chekhov's air rifle? Airsoft? Lighter gun?

I can't remember the details, so someone who has the movie can fill that in. Jurassic Park had a particularly nasty example, with that kid's gymnastics skill which is conspicuously mentioned (but not demonstrated i think) early on, then used to escape dinosaur attacks (and amaze the little kids in the audience). It is used in the sequel to fight raptors >_<.

Korbl: Looks like this may happen in a few places in Warehouse 13, I hadn't noticed until rewatching the pilot with a friend today that they mention bombs at the warehouse entrance, likely with the purpose of sealing it in case of an assault. With the hacker gaining electronic entrance in episode three, and apparently physical entrance in episode four (according to "next week on Warehouse 13"), the bombs may be triggered next episode. Though it may also be far, far foreshadowing for a more important assault further on down the line.

Can someone elaborate on the Arrested Development Chekhov's gun.

Did the novelization of The Eugenics Wars turn Chekov's gun in Star Trek IV into an actual Checkhov's gun? It's studied by 80s military scientist.