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Necromas: I don't think the Spartan III's really apply, aside from the other spartans they were by far the best individual soldiers in the human army. And while they did attack in large groups, the numbers would be something like 300 spartans vs. the most heavily fortified and strategically important covenant bases. Spartan II's are used like tactical nukes, very expensive compared to conventional weapons and only disposable because they can do so much damage.

Korval: Removing this:

  • Probably not intentional. What's more likely is that, in an effort to make the factions more distinct (so not a problem with the Zerg, by the way), they decided that, instead of letting you make individual Zerglings, the basic melee unit, making "one" would give you two, each of which was, in theory, half as powerful, failing to realize that this really did not even out the way it should. Oh, and then they made the Zergling's unique upgrade a bonus to speed, which was already their strong suit. The result is an army of well-armed scarecrows fighting off a plague of locusts.

Not only is it speculation, it is bad speculation. Zerglings were never going to be anything but "cheap and disposable." They come in pairs because in the earliest versions of the game, larva worked differently. Larva was originally going to be produced by every building, and this building-specific larva could only be used for those units. That is, the Spawning Pool created larva that could only be used for Zerglings, the Spire had larva usable only for Mutalisks, Scourge, and later Guardians, etc. But, when they decided (wisely) to concentrate all larva in the Hatchery, they had a number of problems. One Hatchery larva making one Zergling or Scourge was a huge production waste. To make it viable, you had to make the larva speed regeneration speed so fast that the Zerg could out-produce everyone. So they made Zerglings/Scourge produce in pairs.

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