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Ununnilium: Well-done trope, this.

Mister Six: Cheers!

Noaqiyeum: Removing the note about the sky and replacing it with a link to Alien Sky.

Haven: Removed the spoiler tags around Doctor Manhattan synthesizing, that's not really a spoiler at all. Knowing it definitely doesn't affect your enjoyment of the story.

Blake: Removed entry about the Ultimates, as those are not Zeppelins, but oval-ish helicariers (and has nothing to do with Alternate Universes).

{{00Davo}}: Zeppelins are, like katanas, automatically justified tropes in any and all fictional (or non-fictional) work in existence, due to the Rule of Cool.

Adam850: Led Zeppelin!

Dan: I removed the unnecessary adjective "militarily from in front of "obsolete" because a) Zeppelins had been militarily obsolete for decades before the 1930s and b) Aircraft advances (primarily flying boats and helicopters) made zeppelins obsolete for everything not just military service.