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Looney Toons: I haven't seen the Futurama episode in question, but could "Alvistide" actually be "Elvistide"? Some of the details sound suspiciously Elvis-like.

Drop Dead Gorgias: I've seen the ep too, and it's definitely "Alvistide". I believe they also have banners of some sort that spell it like that.

Looney Toons: Fair enough.

Egak: I'm pretty sure that the end of the Sealab example is inaccurate. Yes, S&P forced them to remove real religions from the episode, but I doubt Alvistide was ever supposed to actually be Christmas. The mentions of real religions were more likely removed from the part about a third of the way through with Quinn listing various religions among the Sealab crew, being interrupted by Capt. Murphy insulting each in turn (and Marco going on a rant after Murphy's comment about "Krebs"), with the religions all being Smeerps of real religions.

Ununnilium: No, Homestar Runner is a flash cartoon. >>v

Ununnilium: From the Homestar Runner example: No, they were just two Kobe Bryants. And this:

(X is, of course, the Roman numeral for ten, which in Latin is decem.)

...while accurate, is probably not the reference they were going for; the more obvious "Xmas" reference seems right here.

Ununnilium: Hey, why cut the "annoyingly popular practice" line?

Devil's Advocate: It was in the "examples" section, but it wasn't an example, just a statement that it had become annoyingly popular. If you want to put it back in the body of the article, that's fine with me.

Deadpool Fan: What would one call an episode that doesn't involve the characters celebrating any holiday whatsoever but the episode is premiered CLOSE to a perspective time of year to give off a certain holiday feel? Like the characters being in a snowy setting during Christmas or an episode that is meant to be scary around Halloween? I ask because I have an example of exactly that but I don't think it fits here.

Puffy Treat: Why is the Fraggle Rock entry listed under Western Animation? "The Bells of Fraggle Rock" was an episode of the live action Muppet series, not the animated spin-off.