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Working Title: Rename Rumplestiltskin Ploy: From YKTTW

Haven: This isn't really an example of this trope, as QN wasn't trying to deceive anyone, she genuinely didn't think she had this reasoning ability. Based on the way the arc ends, it seems more like she didn't even have access to it until QC did this.

  • In Casey and Andy during the "Mountain of Mages" story arc, the Quantum Cop (QC) requires the aid of his counterpart, the Quantum Ninja (QN). QN claims to lack QC's analytical genius. QC then throws a bunch of random items at QN including his gun. QN then catches the gun. When asked why she caught the gun, QN lists in detail the long involved analytical process that led her to believe that the gun - an alien object that she had no knowledge of - was the only dangerous item being thrown at her. An analysis she had conducted in a fraction of a second, thus proving her intellect was on a par with QC's.

  • Can someone explain the joke in the page pic? What little I know of Death Note comes from this site, and nothing I've read so far explains that pic.
    • Light, the guy in the back, is the Serial Killer Kira. L, the guy with messy black hair, spends the entire series suspicious of him and trying to prove he's the culprit. The artist is suggesting a simpler method of going about it. (Incidentally, whoever came up with it is Made of Win. That is beautiful.)