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Hydro Globus: Why exactly is it a deconstruction of Portal?

fleb: Yeah, cutting. No way it's more specific than Puzzle Boss.

Noaqiyeum: "Deconstruction" is a little strong, but I think the song at the end is clearly a parody of Portal...

Haven: Yes, that is an inversion of Behind the Black, and whoever originally put it is clever for realizing it. I just reinstated it, and I don't really want to explain why but Behind the Black is about a character not being able to notice something they should; in this case you notice something you shouldn't.

L: No, no, no, you see, the character (i.e Indy Kirby) never sees or acknowledges the messages at all - the player (i.e you at the keyboard) reads them. In fact, I don't think that those messages should even be considered part of the game 'world' any more so than the title screen should.

Grimace: I feel all of the entries on this page fall under the protection of the Rule of Funny. Let's not analyse it too hard now.

<random troper>: Would A Winner Is You count as a subversion due to the game being so ridiculously short?

Kayube: Is there a trope about things only being flammable if the game intends you to be able to burn them? Because then we could complete the bold cycle.

BritBllt: I just had to comment on this whole tropes list being Made of Win. :) My favorites?

TakeV: Hey guys, I know this isn't an FAQ, walkthrough, or messageboard, but I'm kind of stuck. I'm supposed to what the rope? I already tried jumping on it, so don't call me an idiot. This game is hard.

OODavo: Indeed, it's extremely difficult to defeat the Grinning Colossus. This troper's preferred strategy runs as follows. Grab the following equipment: the Dig ability, at least three Explodium molecules, and the flaregun.
  • Getting Dig: you can exchange your axes for pickaxes in Burntherope City, or, preferably, find the Golden Shovel in Ropeburner's Village. Pickaxes deal less damage than regular axes, so the shovel is definitely a better choice. The Golden Shovel is in a chest towards the north end of the village.
  • Getting Explodium: since it's so ridiculously volatile, Explodium can only be found in the Laboratory, within the Great University. Hang around fighting Mad Scientists until they drop enough Explodium. Remember to immerse Explodium in beakers of water immediately, or it'll explode and destroy your inventory screen.
  • Getting the flaregun: the flaregun is in the Forests of Eternal Peril, and only one exists in the world. Fortunately, once you've found it, all shopkeepers will sell extra flares, and replacements if it should break. Also, if you're playing in co-op, there will be Enough to Go Around.
Once you're prepared, visit the Phylactery of Kali for a full heal, and remember to save. Finally, you can head for the Very Definitely Final Dungeon. Walk through the tunnel, but (this is important), stop directly above the third instruction. Dig down five spaces underground, then continue to the right, tunneling below the boss's chamber. You'll spot the boss above you - when you see him, dig back upwards. Dig out the ten spaces directly below the boss's floor. Plant the Explodium directly underneath the boss, then attack the tunnel supports you've put up (exactly twice each). Head back along your tunnel and enter the room through the normal door. The door will permanently seal behind you, and you'll lose your Dig ability (that's why we saved beforehand!). Climb up the platforms on either side of the boss, and pull out your flaregun. Carefully aim, and shoot a flare at the rope. If all has gone correctly, the rope will ignite, and the chandelier hanging from it will fall, crashing into your strategically weakened floor, triggering the Explodium, and causing the boss to explode in a blast of smoke. Enjoy the great ending song. Then watch a video.
OODavo: The Trope Overdosed example was removed.
  • Trope Overdosed: This game is about fifteen seconds long. There are sixty-eight tropes on this page. That's about four and a half tropes per second. Even Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has lower trope density, at only about one trope per eleven seconds!
I'd argue that, like the rest of the examples on this page, it's protected by Rule of Funny, and suggest that it be reinstated.