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arromdee: Wasn't the Justice League quote really "you are a credit to your people"?

Aya: Do a search on the internet, they have both, but I remeber hearing "people" so.. quote changed ^_^

Phoebe is the only Asian character on Hey Arnold? Really? Mr. Hyunh certainly is an anomaly then. XD

Rissa: Cut this, for reason given.

  • Real life example: in the book If I Only Knew Then, a compilation of stories by celebrities imparting wisdom they wish they had known earlier in their lives, Lily Tomlin tells a story of meeting Cary Grant. She struggled to come up with something to say to him and finally blurted out "You're a credit to your profession."
    • That's an actual compliment, though, not the backhanded insulting kind that would be an example of this trope.

What exactly is it called when, someone realizes their personal category has a bad rep (or perhaps just feels like a victim of it) and tries to set a good example on purpose?

Danel: I'm not sure about the atheists in foxholes thing, since the extended version isn't something I've ever seen anyone use as a defense of the phrase, but as a snarky retort from an atheist. Further, the additional commentary is confusing - I've never interpreted the phrase to mean "There are no atheists in foxholes because atheists are Dirty Cowards", but to mean something like "Anyone facing imminent death would start praying for salvation".