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Inexplicable Captivity launched as YouAllMeetInACellDiscussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Inexplicable Captivity: From YKTTW

Prfnoff: I almost launched this as "You All Meat In A Cell."

Kilyle: First, does Exile (aka Avernum) count, the entire setting being one gigantic underground prison cave system? I spent a lot of time designing the characters for my first "now I know what I'm doing" run, and they were entirely this trope: six characters, only two of them related, who had been cast down there for a variety of reasons.

Secondly, should we separate (or possibly eliminate) those examples that are merely "you meet character X in a jail cell"? Or is this a different trope, perhaps? I could cite Karn from Breath of Fire, for one, and there are clearly quite a number of characters in video games whom you meet in jail cells, but really, it's not quite the same. Unless maybe you're halfway through the game and get hooked up with a whole new set of party members (not merely one), which at least abides by the Teeth-Clenched Teamwork note of this trope.