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Noaqiyeum: "Made them green"? Excuse me if this sentence doesn't seem very clear. Green as in LG Ms (I'm only familiar with Ming here)? Green as in literal skin tone? Green as in environmental?

Made their skin green. Their ears pointy, too.
arromdee: I took out

  • The Dominators in DC Comics, with yellowish skin, fangs and red disks on their foreheads, are intended to spoof the caricatures of the Japanese in WWII-era comics.

I find this unlikely, considering they first appeared in 1967 and this kind of spoofing wasn't done then. Is there any reason to believe this other than rumors and urban legends?
Mercy: As regards Robert Heinlein's "Sixth Column", it's so long since I read it that I can't be certain, but wasn't the "Chinese American" who assisted the heroes actually a cosmetically altered white secret agent?
Matthew The Raven: Is the Dark Knight's Mr. Lao even an example? Other than his ethnicity, he doesn't fit any of the Yellow Peril stereotypes at all. The only reason I can see for the writers making him Chinese is because they wanted to use China's extradition policy as a plot device. Or is any Asian villain automatically a Yellow Peril stereotype now?

Mercy: I'm not familiar with this Mr. Lao character. I'd say the character would have to embody the "strange and therefore sinister Orient", rather than just be from East Asia. If the extradition policy thing tied into his being a representative of some sinister Chinese conspiracy, then I'd say it was an example of this trope. If it was just something like "China doesn't have an extradition treaty with the USA", then I'd say it wasn't. If you feel strongly about it, just delete the example. This *is* a wiki after all.

Praetyre: How is "Eastern" an ethnic slur? Should we change the name of Western Terrorists to avoid insulting Euromericans? Is calling southwestern Asia the "Middle East" a dread insult to all of it's inhabitants? All of them are Eurocentric, no?

Haik: I can't help thinking that in LOST, Mr. Paik (Sun father) falls right on the "sinister Asian businessman" trope?
Daibhid C: I pulled this:
  • It's the same for any Chinese or Japanese person in Doctor Who[except for perhaps Chang Lee but even that's pushing it]. It even happened in a recent Big Finish play.
...Because I'm not sure it's true. Doctor Who is depressingly short of Asian characters on either side of the fence, but there was certainly Ace's friend Shou Yuing in "Battlefield", and the Chinese leader played by Bert Kwouk in "Four To Doomsday", who started out working with Monarch but had a Heel–Face Turn.