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Big T: I'm not sure that this whole thing about shaven legs counts. While it is true that it is a relatively modern invention, its anachronistic use is not due to Did Not Do The Research, but because we, as a society, hate showing unshaven female legs so much that we don't even allow it onscreen in appropriate places. We're just supposed to Willingly Suspend Our Disbelief

Anyways, I think it fits more with Wake Up Make Up (which mentions shaving), or even Improbable Hairstyle. Still better would be to create a trope just for this.

Bonzothe Fifth: I have to say I'm a bit confused as to what, exactly, the difference between this trope and The Dung Ages is. This trope seems to try and say that life was EXACTLY like The Dung Ages, while The Dung Ages tries to say it really wasn't like that... naturally, I'm a bit confused as to which version is supposed to be correct. Or is it a matter of the two tropes needing better clarification and example cleanup?

Madrugada: I don't know how old this comment is, but basically The Dung Ages is when the Medieval period is presented as much nastier and dirtier than it actually was (nobody bathed ever, nobody washed the mud off their faces and hands, nobody ever put a hem in a garment —- they just let it fray — everybody lived in tumbledown shacks with pigs and goats inside with them and so on), and this one is when it's presented as much nicer and cleaner than it actually was (there are nice clean paths everywhere, no one ever get muddy no matter what they're doing, all houses are snug, two bedroom half-timbered jobbers with nice stone fireplaces, and plenty of furniture, and so on.) The reality depends on a lot of things, including, but not limited to, where you lived, what your economic and social status was, and when in the Medieval period you're talking about.
Willy Four Eyes: That all said, shouldn't this trope be titled "Ye Goode Olde Dayse"?

Madrugada: Probably it should have been, but I don't think it's worth doing a rename just for that.
Lee: I think the comment about the Life of Brian is not particularly accurate. Anybody who has read the Bible should know that it has a lot to say about personal hygiene. Judea was probably cleaner than other places in the Roman Empire.