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puritybrown: I'm not sure the Lucky Star example works. Konata's aware that the world doesn't work like a dating sim, it's just that she plays dating sims so much that she's constantly noticing similarities and differences between dating sims and life. She doesn't expect life to be like dating sims. Her reactions to dating-sim-like situations is more like Conversational Troping than Wrong Genre Savvy, I think.

That Other 1 Dude: OK, let's talk about the page image. You don't need to be a "hard-core anime fan" to understand this one. All the one I suggested requires you to know what Hot-Blooded means. I don't even know the exact context of the pic is myself (or for that matter which Gundam series it's from, thus the lack of an image link), but it's obvious what happened was someone just tried to blindly charge the enemy who proceeded to just shoot him.

More importantly, that Sluggy Freelance pic sucks. It looks really bad by itself (it's basically a guy squinting while asking a random question), it makes no sense unless you read the rest of the strip (so it needs the caption to explain everything), and it's only funny if you have the next panel of him being eaten. So I think we should change it either a pic with both panels (and no caption) or something else entirely.

Luc: The thing is, the Hot-Blooded image really really sucks. It makes no sense in the context presented (what's going on there, anyway?) and is even uglier than the current image to boot, so I really don't like it.

As to adding in more panels from the Sluggy Freelance strip that's currently used as the image, I have no objections. Any combination of the last five panels of that strip works, actually.

That Other 1 Dude: Sure, but can someone who knows how to save parts of larger pics as something besides bitmap file do it?
Nezumi: I can't find anything on that "Horde of the Nibbelungs" thing recently referenced. Guessing they made a mistake on the title, but changing "Nibbelungs" for "Nibelungs" or "Horde" for "Hoard" — the two obvious ones — still doesn't get anything. Can anyone provide more information on it?

Jordan: The story indicated is The Hoard of the Gibbelins by Lord Dunsany.