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Dana O: While it's not relevant enough to put on the main page, note in the Belgariad example that the plot hasn't been completely resolved so much as finally about to start. The idea is that the accident which created the conflict and plot of the books (some time before the planet's creation) stopped the universe's development at a standstill until the conflict was resolved. So all the characters, whatever their lifespan, have from the standpoint of the "real" plot been moving in circles all this time, whether they never die - or die and are either reborn or replaced by somebody sufficiently similar. So at the end of the books, the existing sorcerers are about to get started with their lives' work rather than through with it, and we're not sure what that is or how long that will take.

Not that I don't agree with the replies (since the lifespan is probably accounted for by subconscious shapeshifting, making you as old as you feel), but I'm in the mood for nitpicking.