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Yoshi348: Oddly enough the much needed flesh this article needed was sitting in Shipping before now.

Lord Seth: Does anyone know of any subversions to this trope? That is, the show/book/whatever has plenty of Will They or Won't They? moments, but then, the teased couple DOESN'T end up getting together and end up with other people?

Romanticide: I think questionable content could be considered a subversion, as the author managed to stop depending in the "will they or wont" and made the cast bigger to have more of these cases than just with the protagonist involved.

Caswin: On that note, does Just Friends really necessarily lead to "they will"? I can attest to the fact that it doesn't in real life, at any rate, and I'm sure there have been more than a few shows with the same (non-)outcome.

Big T: Usually it does. People can always click on Just Friends to get more info. Also, if someone in real life goes out of their way to tell everyone that the two of you are "just friends", chances are s/he actually has at least some feelings for you.

Big T: Also, I removed the stuff about UST being the same thing as Will They or Won't They?. See UST Discussion.