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Cassius335: Dammit, Fast Eddie, couldn't you have left the wipe for an hour or so? I wanted to see how many people would spot that move. :p

Fast Eddie: Maybe you could find something ''constructive'' to help with?

Fast Eddie like this:{{Word}}. That is two curly-braces on either side of the word. Word

Newbie: That was ridiculously fast. Thanks.

Schwa STL: Watch me test this thing! Huzzah

Flardladl: I like this page, it has such a postmodern feel to it.

The Kitchen Magician: So a sandbox is... a page that doesn't make sense?

Rissa: It's a page for putting things together experimentally, and playing around before you try it out in the real wiki. Like building sandcastles in a sandbox...

Hydro Globus: that you don't become a [[Wikipedia syntaxer]] or something like that.

Planguy: I'm trying to figure out how to do this. So you just pick a name, and add stuff? And These discussion pages are for testing the waters to see if a change would be appropriate?

Hydro Globus: Name picking: yes. And these discussion pages are for discussing the tropes.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I dunno about you all, but I find the messy state this page is currently in to be hilarious for some reason.