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Almost wrote this up as a Magical Cat Mascot entry. Opinions? I think if it was a specific Anime Trope, a cat would be a good example, but I think it pops up enough in American stuff I needed a neutral distinction. There's still a strong negative image of a cat being an outright jerk sometimes. I think The Hobbes would actually make a better term, but that may make people think it's about a potentially imaginary animal.

Looney Toons: I just took a look, and I think it's great. You're right, the Cat and Dog roles are so standardized that I don't even think they need their own pages, just references to this one. And no, The Hobbes would probably be better as some variety of The Harvey.

Dark Sasami: I don't get this entry at all. It purports to be about the Weasel Mascot, but then it defines the Dog and Cat mascot and gives examples of all of them mixed together. If this entry is about the Weasel, it should describe the Weasel; if it's about mascots in general, it should be Talking Animal.

In addition, I don't see the actual examples of dog and cat mascots lining up with what's described here. Luna from BSSM is very different from Artemis and Diana, and nothing like Deadpan Snarker Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service. And dogs? I can't think of a dog mascot in anime that isn't just a plain old dog.
  • s5555 Isn't there Dog of Flanders? Geeze, some of these tropers knowledge banks can be quite shallow...

Finally, Unagi from Popotan is in fact a ferret but isn't anything but cute.

Ununnilium: It's about specific flavors of mascot, that transcend talking, non-talking, and the inbetween stages. The name's not very good, though.

Andyzero: So let's come up with a new one. Other Mascots? Mascot Races?

I'll work on Mascot Races this weekend and see what pops.

Citizen: I think this picture sums up my feelings. Feel free to attach it to this trope. =P

Seth: There has to be a better picture than that. How about a picture of Nanoha with Yuuno-ferret on her shoulder or one of the ferret from Ai Yori Aoshi. The open you posted looks an awful lot like a cross between a balloon and a sausage.

Morgan Wick: I suspect he chose it because it also looks vaguely phallic.

Citizen: Another gift from 4chan. Even I know better than to seriously suggest that. =P Moving on, poor Yuuno looks so sad in the trope's picture... ;_;

s5555: Somebody is making wild assumptions here that cats are more popular in Japan than dogs. In fact, dogs are quite popular in Japanese media as proven by the softbank commercials.