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Working Title: Atypical Flag Displaying: From YKTTW

This article was written by Bandit Keith, who's an American. If you are offended by the tone of this article, you should look up the concept of Kayfabe, in America.

At some point when I have enough free time, I'm going to go through this article and color every instance of the word America red, white and blue. If anyone wants to beat me to it, well, that's the American way.

Lord TNK: I'd leave out the white, since that's the background color here.

Nornagest: "Offended" isn't the right word, but the gimmick comes off way too strong. It got a smile out of me through most of the main article, but by the end of the examples it was painful to read.

Rebochan: Would anyone be terribly upset if I switched the image to one of Bandit Keith? It seems strange that the article quotes him, emulates him, and is named for him, but his flag-covered head is absent.

Gentlemens Dame 883: Does anyone have links to the older page images?

Dragon Quest Z: It's in "Have a Nice Day" Smile now.

Johnny E: Why is this Just for Fun? It's a trope, right?

Dragon Quest Z: The way the article is written. It's still a trope.

Man Called True: Can we get a vote on having this thing rewritten? It's a good trope, but good God is this page annoying to read. Especially if you, like me, don't like YGO Abridged amusing in the slightest.