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I removed the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS example. The difference between an Ace and a Striker, if this troper remembers correctly, is that an Ace is specialized in a particular field while StrikerS are trained to be more well-rounded. Basically a Striker is a jack of all trades while an Ace is a master of one. Therefore StrikerS don't really qualify as Weak, but Skilled (though if I'm wrong feel free to replace the example). - Sgamer82


There's also a Spanish, or possibly Mexican saying, "Mas vale maņa que fuerza," meaning approximately the same thing. I'd heard it more often than the French one, but...


I think this would be better translated "Power is nothing without control" and would match with the slogan of the Pirelli Tire Company (incidentally, Italian, not French) who use this in several commercials.

Softspoken: My limited knowledge of French reads it roughly as "Without mastery, power is nothing." And it seems very French to me. So maybe it would be better if quoted from the other source, but I think the translation is okay for now.