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From YKTTW Working Title: Wanderlust Song

Camacan: Did you notice the discussion about this being too close to Small Town Boredom and needing to be generalised to a love of life on the road before launch? You might not agree on that point but the issue needed to be resolved before launch. Now we have a problem: discussion pages aren't always read, so the options become just changing it unilaterally or taking it to the Trope Repair Shop.

Johnny E: I did slightly alter the description since that point was made (although not as much as I thought I had), if you think it needs clarification go ahead - I agree with you that it doesn't need to specifically be running away from home. Another problem is some of the examples seem to be about leaving a relationship, with the travelling being at best secondary and at worst only metaphorical, don't know what can be done about that.