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Ry Senkari: To the person who deleted eight or nine entries from this page: Don't do it again. At least without discussing it here first. Thank you.

Ry Senkari: Yet again, quit deleting entries without discussing them. I know you might think the ones you deleted weren't "notable" enough, but There Is No Such Thing as Notability. I will keep putting them back every time they are deleted, so you're not accomplishing anything.

Mark Lungo: Apparently "The Deletor" didn't listen. I just had to restore the entries for Ashley Johnson, Nicole Sullivan and Mae Whitman. Since this person is anonymous, can anything be done?

SpiriTsunami: Uh...shouldn't there be some examples of what they did after a person's name? If it weren't for that warning, I'd be quick on the deletion, since obviously there aren't any roles notable enough to make the list.

Trogga: But isn't there no such thing as notability?

BrightBlueInk: There's no such thing as notability, but it doesn't make adding random names without any roles they've been in useful. I think it'd be best to add at least a sentence or two about the people when you add them. (It even says to do so on the main page.) Much later edit: Would anyone object if I clean out the blank names on the list? It's not that I think the names being added aren't worthy of being listed (I even recognize a few of the names), but I feel like I don't know enough about them to give them good entries, and I feel like adding names without any mention of what roles they do is lazy and clutters up the page.

werdnak84: You know how it says, "NOTE #1: If you wish to add an entry to the list, please indicate the name of the actor/actress, as well as a few of his/her more famous roles. Please do not Wiki Word the actor's name"? Someone's Wikiwording the actors' names. :(

Jove Hack - That must explain why my Nika Futterman examples were removed. I'll add them here since I really don't want an edit war. In Psychonauts Nika Futterman voiced Dogen Boole, the Whispering Rocket Lady, and the first Rainbow Squirt. In Ratchet: Deadlocked she voiced Juanita the announcer, Kid B, Janice in the soap opera, and Hydro Girl. Each of those was outstanding. Taken together that's an almost unbelievable range of talent.

Mark Lungo: Someone has recently de-Wiki Worded several actors' names. Normally I would approve, but several of these actors actually have individual entries here, so why shouldn't there be links to those entries?
  • Ghilz: Agreed, why not WikiWord the actor who actually have a page about them?
    • What I'M more curious about is who's going around adding photos of all the appropriate actors' faces on their pages?!

Cat22: I'm also curious as to why we shouldn't WikiWord the names if we know they have a page?

werd: Eh, I suppose you can, by now. It just occured to me that a lot of actors for anime dubs usually work for one specific studio, even though every voice actor is freelance. Should we have an article for Funimation actors, another for VIZ Media's, and so forth?

BrightBlueInk: That might be a good idea, although it'll run into snags. Funi and (formerly) ADV are the only two companies with their own studios—the others hire out studios to record the dubs, like Ocean studios (which dubbed Inuyasha and Death Note, based in Canada) and Bang Zoom! (which dubbed Haruhi Suzumiya among many many others, based in California). So it won't be as easy as looking on the back of a box to see the Viz logo, people will have to be aware of all the different studios (and...most aren't).

Ry Senkari: I'm getting kind of pissed off at having to constantly put Emilie-Claire Barlow back on the list. Whoever's deleting her, quit doing it.

BrightBlueInk: Could you please list some of her roles? As you can see above on this page, we earlier decided to delete blank entries. Otherwise we don't know this person from Adam, and the page gets cluttered. Thanks in advance!

Ry Senkari: She's in the list at the bottom. She has her own page where numerous roles are listed. People are deleting the link to her page for some reason.

BrightBlueInk: No, what I mean is, if you just list the name on the Voice Actor page, people might delete the entry because they don't recognize her—if you give her a short paragraph about her and the roles she's done on the Voice Actor page, it'll look like a real entry and people won't have a reason to delete it.

Ry Senkari: But only the voice actors without their own pages are listed at the top with a short paragraph. The ones at the bottom don't have accompanying text because they have their own pages. Emilie-Claire Barlow has her own page, which is why she's in the list at the bottom. People are deleting her from THAT list for no good reason.